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5 Custom Woodwork Gift Ideas

If you have a hard-to-buy-for someone on your gift-giving list this year, you should consider a custom item handcrafted from wood. A talented woodworker can create pretty much anything you can imagine. You should put your thinking cap on and find a custom woodwork shop near you so that you can put your orders in early and mark those gifts as “done.” 

Jewelry box

A handmade jewelry box is an easy item for any talented and experienced wood artisan. Depending on the custom woodwork shop near you, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making this item unique and perfect for your intended recipient. You might consider a multi-level jewelry box attached with hinges or nested levels, and you might consider including a monogram or other design on the top of the box, or even alternating types of wood to give the box a unique appearance.  

Custom sign

For that man or woman on your list who seems to have everything, consider having a custom sign made that perfectly reflects their personality, perhaps for their man cave or she shed, or even their weekend cabin or fishing camp. You can have talented woodworkers create any kind of a sign that you want. A good way to get started is by looking to the internet for inspiration.  


A wide variety of unique toys can be fashioned out of wood. If you have a youngster on your gift list this year, consider having a custom toy train crafted, a truck or car, a set of personalized blocks, a slingshot, dolls or even a set of nesting animals that each fit inside the next. Toys can be simple or complex and are the perfect unique gift that children are sure to enjoy.  


Consider giving a wood carving to someone in your life for the next special occasion that comes up on the calendar. Depending on the intended recipient, you might consider an elaborate carving that depicts something special to that person. The skill of the woodworker you find will dictate just how intricate your commissioned carving can be.  


Furniture is always a great gift is budget isn’t a concern. Handmade wooden furniture is a quality gift that will last for many years to come. You might commission a rocking chair or special stool for reaching high places. Perhaps a headboard, coat rack, bar cart or side table might be the perfect fit for someone special in your life.

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