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Custom Wood Signs To Show Your Colorado Pride

Most Colorado residents are familiar with the state Department of Agriculture’s marketing campaign promoting local foods called “Colorado Proud.” As a proud Coloradans, you could also have your state pride on display for every visitor to your home. Consider buying a sign from a custom wood signs company that will look great anywhere in your home. Here are just a few ideas for showing your Colorado pride. 

Have a state flag created out of wood 

The Colorado state flag offers an eye-catching design that blends well with any type of home decor. Have a flag carved out of wood and then have a talented woodworker paint the flag in its entirety on the carving. You could also pick another shape like a heart or the shape of the state, and have the flag design emblazoned on it.  

Custom wood state seal

If you want a sign showcasing your Colorado pride but with a little more detail than the flag, considering hiring a custom wood sign company to recreate the state seal on a piece of wood. The state seal has the same color palate as the flag but also includes several other decorative elements added to it that are also symbols of the state and its history.  

How about a flower?

The Colorado state flower is the Rocky Mountain Columbine adopted officially by the state legislature. These pretty purple flowers could be easily carved in wood or painted on a wooden sign offering a subtle nod to the state as part of your home decor. This custom sign idea might be best suited for the woman in your life who loves flowers and being a Coloradoan.  

Road signs or license plates

Colorado is a great place to hit the open road with scenic routes providing sweeping alpine vistas or high meadows around every corner. Consider having a sign made featuring the Interstate 80 highway marker, or even a state highway marker of a route that is symbolic for you. Or, consider having another kind of sign made that duplicates the design of the iconic Colorado license plate.

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