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Master Woodworker Shares The Best Way To Find Woodworking Stores Near Me

You’ve heard the saying—they sure don’t make things like they used to. Like many other ways of making things, making things out of wood is close to a dying art, at least the traditional ways. There are just over 6,000 woodworkers around the country that do this as their profession. If you’re interested in the pastime, the world cheers for you and hopes that you’ll help to carry on this important knowledge. And if you’re just getting started, a master woodworker shares the best way to find woodworking stores near me. 

How to find woodworking stores near me 

The best way to find woodworking stores near me is to hit the internet. One quick search is sure to turn up at least a few results that you can sift through. Results will be grouped by region making it easy to decide just how far you’re willing to drive for your woodworking supplies. When you find a store that has plenty of supplies, is easy to get to, and has a friendly, responsive staff, you’ve found the jackpot.  

Who to ask for recommendations

If you’re lucky enough to know someone who works with a wood professional, it might be easier to ask them for recommendations. If you don’t know anyone, look for signs of a woodworking community where you live. Are there any artisan guilds, or arts and crafts gatherings that might point you in the right direction? The perfect woodworking store might be right under your nose and you might be just one conversation away from finding it.  

What to look for in woodworking stores near me

If you’re going the internet route rather than the personal recommendation route, visit your options with a keen eye. Of course, you want your go-to woodworking store to be well-stocked with all the supplies that you’ll need on a regular basis. It would also be great if the staff was open to special orders in the event that you discover you love working with a specific type of wood or two that might not be regularly carried in their inventory.

The beauty of woodworking

It takes many, many years of practice to be able to create items out of wood that will stop people in their tracks. For that reason, high caliber wood workers should be revered and celebrated, especially since in some places they’re a dying breed. If you have a woodworking professional in your community, support them, but things from them, and learn from them.

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